Charter Renewed For “Nova Academy” In Santa Ana, CA, A School Focused On High School And College Courses Taken Simultaneously

The Santa Ana Unified School Board renewed the charter Tuesday for Nova Academy, a school focused on allowing students to simultaneously take college courses and high school classes.

Nearly 100 students, parents and teachers from the school attended Tuesday’s meeting to support the new five-year charter.

Nova Academy, with 79 students, allows some students to earn associate arts degrees from Santa Ana College at the same time they earn high school diplomas. The campus was originally granted a charter as a school for foster children and orphans, and is sponsored by Olive Crest Homes and Services for Abused Children.

Charter schools receive funding directly from the state. They have to provide their own facilities and other services. School districts provide oversight of charter schools’ finances and curriculum and can deny charters if districts believe the schools are falling short of their obligations.

Santa Ana Unified officials had said there were concerns that the number of instructional minutes of many students did not meet minimum state standards. Some students left their high school courses early, or arrived late, so they could attend their college courses, district officials said.

But Nova Academy administrators said students now make up the lost minutes in extra classes during the week.


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