Tustin Public Schools Foundation Nearing Goal Of Raising $60,000 For “Save Our Sports” Program Which Supports After-School Sports In The Tustin Unified School District Middle Schools

   tustinpublicschoolsfoundationWhat is Save our Sports?

Save our Sports is a campaign to support after-school sports in Tustin Unified middle schools (Currie, Columbus Tustin, Hewes, Pioneer and Utt) and in district elementary schools.
Parents, community members, teachers, school administrators and the Tustin Public Schools Foundation have joined together to raise funds for these programs, which were threatened with elimination due to anticipated budget cuts.

How much is needed?
$60,000 is needed to continue providing after-school boys teams and girls teams in basketball, cross country, soccer, track and volleyball and selected sports at elementary schools.
Each middle school team (boys or girls) costs approximately $1,000. For instance, the basketball program at one middle school costs $1,000 for the boys team and $1,000 for the girls team. That means that we need to raise $10,000 for each middle school.
The Tustin Public Schools Foundation is collecting all the funds, and donating all costs related to the program. So, 100% of your donation goes directly to supporting after-school sports!

What if that amount isn’t raised?
All funds donated to the Save our Sports campaign will be used to support after-school sports. If we raise less than the $60,000 needed, the donations will be used to support as many sports as possible. Every dollar helps!
Thanks to the support of parents, teachers, principals, students and the community, after-school sports are beginning now and will continue throughout the year as we raise funds.
The fact is that the school budgets are limited. Whatever we don’t raise for sports will result in cuts somewhere.

How can I help?

You can help by spreading the word to friends and family members. One middle school student has raised over $1,000 from her contacts.

Register as a “fundraiser” through the Dinosaur Dash. All pledges received will be donated to Save our Sports or classroom technology.


Direct donations may be made at http://www.tpsf.net or sent to TPSF at the address below.You can volunteer to help. One middle school coach has committed to donating his coaching stipends back to Save our Sports.



How do I get more information?

From the Tustin Public Schools Foundation at



http://www.tpsf.net, info@tpsf.net or




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