Capistrano Unified School District Foundation Raised Over $1 Million To Hire Back 266 Teachers And Fund “Grant Incentives For Teachers” (GIFT) Program


capistranousdfoundationlogoBecause of the state’s budget cuts, 266 teachers were given their pinkslips at the end of the 2008-09 school year – meaning bigger class sizes for our children. The CUSD Foundation raised over $1,000,000 in six weeks in June of 2008 which allowed the district to hire back ALL of the teachers. Thanks again to all the many wonderful donors and volunteers that made this possible!!!

Grant Incentives For Teachers (GIFT) Program

The CUSD Foundation supports enhanced and innovative teaching programs in our schools by offering grants to teachers who work to enrich the classroom learning experiences of our 51,000 students. Grants were used to upgrade technology, fund innovative math and science programs, provide tools for literacy building and much more. Over the past several years, the CUSD Foundation gave more then $200,000 in grants to teachers throughout the district.

Grants to teachers over the years include:





Senior Scholarships

Each year the CUSD Foundation awards scholarships for community service and academic achievement to graduating seniors at CUSD high schools from the various endowments that the Foundation manages.

Teacher of the Year

The CUSD Foundation is a major sponsor in recognizing outstanding educators at each of the district’s schools at the Annual Teacher of the Year Event every April.

School Safety

The CUSD Foundation funded safety supplies for the district’s participation in “The Great ShakeOut” which was the biggest public emergency drill where 5 million people in Southern California practiced a drill for a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Nov. 13, 2008.

School Clubs and Groups

We provide interactive fundraising events and revenue sharing for diverse school groups which have included: Class Size Reduction, Destination Imagination teams, sports teams, drama clubs, music & choral programs, bilingual immersion, pep squads, special education, school site tutoring, and booster clubs.

The Foundation supports BTSA (Beginning Teachers Support and Assessment,) Professional Learning Communities, student councils, science camps, field trips, school-site laptop programs and many, many more programs that enrich our students’ educational experience.

United Way Member

The CUSD Foundation is a member-agency of the Orange County’s United Way, designation code CAP303.

Supported literacy at various elementary and middle schools by providing age appropriate reading materials for children to use at school and also to take home and read with their parents;

Funded computer software that helps students analyze their writing, helps find and better understand their mistakes and thus become better writers and communicators; and

Provided annual subscriptions to weekly reading magazines for elementary students to encourage more reading by increasing access to supplemental reading.

Funded a high school program that will use iPods to take a more advanced approach to foreign language instruction; also has potential use with AP and International Baccalaureate courses.

Purchased computer and video equipment to allow teachers to integrate technology into classroom instruction according to CA State Standards and create competent technology users; and

Funded a “Character Design Maquette” project which will allow animation students to create and refine 3-D computer models of their original characters. Project naturally segues students into 3-D animation.

Funded electronic equipment, computer hardware and composition software to benefit the choir drama and music programs at several schools;

Sponsored a program where over 3,300 4th-graders attended a live symphony concert; and

Supported the Honors Concert Series for over 1,400 participating students district-wide.

Provided the funds to establish a “CSI-type” forensic study unit at one high school so students can explore scientific mysteries using advanced equipment and techniques;

Purchased science equipment, software and supplies for several schools in order to give our children the chance to perform real-world science experiments and learn about the scientific method; and

Funded “Fantasy Baseball” classroom kits which utilized real-life baseball statistics in order to teach students about ratio, percent, proportion, probability and graphing.


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