Santa Ana 92706 Has Middle College High School, Orange County’s #4 Rated High School, Located On Santa Ana College Campus


2008 API = 873

Middle College High School (Santa Ana, CA 92706) at Santa Ana College, is a collaborative venture between the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) and Santa Ana College(SAC) which opened its doors in 1997. It has a handful of portable buildings near the back of the campus, including an administration room and some classrooms.


MCHS is a Title I Academic Achievement Award winning high school composed of 312 students: 81 freshmen, 76 sophomores, 80 juniors, and 75 seniors. The number of college credits a student earns depends on self-initiative and individual interest. Support programs include professional tutoring and AVID classes. In addition, MCHS has a full-time high school academic counselor and one part-time college academic counselor.


The school’s 312 high schoolers mostly blend in with the college’s 30,000 students.

The high school students take their English, math and other core classes with each other for part of the day, and take college courses like U.S. History, Psychology and similar classes with college students the rest of the time.

“It takes a different type of student to attend school here,” said Jean Williams, the school’s principal. “Middle College High is not for everyone, but students who want a faster path to college can get it here.”

Every student graduates each year, and almost all go straight to four-year colleges or universities.

Middle College High buys the students’ college text books and pays other college-related costs. Students have to apply to the school in the eighth grade, and have to submit recommendation letters. The school only accepts about 80 freshmen each year. Williams says students who don’t get in go on a waiting list. The school rejects about a dozen applicants each year, she said.

When reviewing applications, Williams said that she is not looking for the straight-A student.

“We already know those kids are on the right track,” she said. “We would rather take students who can flourish if they just get the extra support.”

(Some excertps from OC Register)


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